IPRO Allegro

IPRO Allegro is an early data assessment tool that provides law firms, corporate counsel and service providers early insight into the size, scope, and composition of data collections, empowering them to make informed case decisions before moving to the costly stages of e-discovery processing and review.  IPRO Allegro allows for interactive, real time culling of the case data using search terms and metadata filters, which reduces CPU usage and can decrease processing time by up to 95%.

Key benefits of Allegro are:

Flat Fee Pricing Model eliminates budgetary uncertainty associated with per gigabyte pricing, and improves profitability.

Software Based Application provides control over the infrastructure with no appliance limitations.

Open Architecture lets you write custom plug-ins and SQL queries to increase capability and customize workflow.

Shared Database Access with IPRO eCapture reduces the time intensive process of importing and exporting between databases.

Industry Accepted Technology such as dtSearch, helps ensure defensible early case assessment.

Customizable Workspace allows users to drag and dock windows to their preference, or float them separately from the main interface.

Dual Monitor Support provides users with maximum screen space to create clean, personalized workspaces.

Desktop and Browser Capability allows access to the application via a local machine and the internet, increasing convenience and mobility.

Report Driven User Interface provides graphically rich content that can be exposed at multiple layers through a click of the mouse, without reformatting report criteria.

Distributed Processing improves speed and provides scalability during the processing stage.

Metadata Filtering allows interactive, real-time culling of case data based on search terms and filters, minimizing CPU usage and reducing processing time by up to 95%.

True Multi-Language Support identifies language and encoding for each document and imports metadata and text into the database as Unicode, regardless of the encoding of the original document.

Mobile Licensing Capability allows for on-site culling and filtering of case data, eliminating the cost and time intensive process of transporting large data collections from site to site.