Document Redaction



As a legal professional, you know that nothing requires more care in your daily work than managing sensitive documents for public consumption. In a society full of information leaks both online and off, document Redaction is a skill best left to litigation document experts.

CopyScan Technologies is the only full-service document management company in South Florida that can Redact your documents quickly and accurately, fully backed by our rigorous quality control procedures. When you trust your Redaction projects to CopyScan Technologies, you can rest assured your documents are in capable hands. We never outsource our jobs to outside parties and strictly adhere to HIPAA, FACTA, GLB and Patriot Act requirements for document control.

CopyScan Technologies Redaction Advantages:

  • Secure & Confidential HIPAA-Compliant Facility
  • Fully-Screened Workforce, CCTV Video Monitored Production Area
  • Electronic Redaction Will Sanitize Your Electronic Documents, Eliminating All Meta Data
  • Industry Standard Redaction Procedures – No Simple “Cover-Ups,” Omissions or Margin for Error

Our Redacting Services Include:

  • Manual Redaction from an original document –

We make a photocopy of the original, black-out the information with a permanent marker, then photocopy the blacked-out page, thus completely eliminating any way to read the Redacted information.

  • Electronic Redaction  –

We scan your original document, or import an electronic version, electronically Redacting by clicking and dragging the mouse over the sensitive information.  Then we save the document, either electronically or as a paper print, in two versions: One as Redacted, one as Not Redacted. This allows you the option of providing the Opposing Counsel a Redacted Version and allows you to have a complete, Scanned Version for your own document needs.

Trust the Legal Document Professionals at CopyScan Technologies for all your document redaction needs!