EMR Back-Scanning


Healthcare providers are required to capture more medical data as they see more patients each day.  As a physician you need a quick solution for capturing medical data during patient visits.  Regardless of your choice of software, you will be faced with the daunting task of back-scanning all of your medical records and going completely digital day forward.

The CopyScan Technologies EMR Back-Scanning solution can have your medical records electronically accessible in short order. Our professional staff specializes in Scanning existing patient records right here inside our Secure and Confidential, HIPAA-Compliant facility.

Whether you have your own EMR software, or you choose to work with one of our partner providers, we can help. CopyScan Technologies can digitize and format your patient charts with efficiency, allowing you to move into the world of electronic medical records with little interruption to your practice.

CopyScan Technologies exclusive in-house services:
 Document copyingDocument Scanning and OCRLarge Format PrintingMedical and Legal Media DuplicationGraphic DesignEMR and Patient Medical Record Scanning.